Tuesday, July 5, 2016

How much does that electrical work cost?

Just had the electricians in to give me a quote on some wiring work. One of the options included a surge protector on the breaker box.

I tried to figure out what the difference was between the different levels other than $500-1000. The comparison chart didn't integrate all of the information. Instead, the pricing and comprehensive details were listed below the chart. There was some sort of attempt to tie the information together visually using green colored circles in the comparison chart, but that was lost on me.

That's when I got to explain what I do for a living. The electrician was nice enough to let me prattle on about design and user experience and how the chart was useless. He agreed and said he usually spends a lot of time trying to explain the chart to customers. I resisted the urge to diagram out a better comparison chart.

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